The Sanctuary at Corby Mind: Saving Lives – Improving Lives

We are delighted with the success of this new initiative at Corby Mind where we are receiving excellent feedback from our local GP’s and visitors that this community resource is saving lives and improving lives.  Some of our testimonials include:

Thank you for dealing with the mental health concerns and the struggle we have had gaining ‘timely access to good quality, relevant services’.

From a visit to The Sanctuary we have helped people:

  • Receive trauma focussed counselling
  • Prevented suicide
  • Accessed the Corby Mind Peer Group – serial attender
  • Person in danger delivered to a safe place for the night
  • Homeless person
  • Self-harm – referral to the self-harm weekly group
  • Referral to Hoarding Group at Corby Mind
  • Signposting to Autistic Group
  • Referral to emergency counselling at Corby Mind
  • Referral to Anxiety Group
  • Arrival by ambulance
  • Reports by GP’s of lives that would have otherwise been lost

Our visitors to The Sanctuary can receive support with:

  • Immediate and early help
  • Prevention of escalation of mental health problems and therefore avoid a mental health crisis
  • Learn coping strategies to manage distress
  • Prevent unnecessary referrals to other mental health services, A & E hospital visits and other out of hours and emergency services
  • Improve and support mental health and wellbeing through follow up services such as:  trauma focussed counselling; a self-harm group; anxiety and self-confidence sessions; emergency and non-emergency counselling; emotional support; group for those who hoard and their carers and access to a peer support group.

Our aim is to promote recovery; independence; self-management; increase resilience and to reduce isolation.  The Sanctuary at Corby Mind is free to visitors who use the service.

Opening times are:

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