Corby Mind is known for:

  • Being there and being responsive in someone’s moment of need and their moment of decision to get help
  • Working alongside partners in Corby
  • Committed to developing a mentally healthy community
  • Providing high quality mental health services and support for those who do not qualify for NHS interventions
  • Being the place to be for regular, ongoing mental health support and services

In order to access our services, we require you to complete our self-referral form (found to the right of this page). You will then be offered an initial assessment which is an opportunity for you to explore the different options available.  This takes place in a private, quiet room at Corby Mind and will be confidential.

During the assessment, we will explore your mental health and work together to establish and provide the best approach for your needs whether that be:

Should you have any questions, please do call us on 01536 267280 or email [email protected]