NEW Northamptonshire MIND

We are delighted to announce that four Local MIND charities have now merged forming Northamptonshire MIND.

These are: Corby Northampton & District (includes Brackley, Daventry & Towcester) Rushden and Wellingborough

This will enable us in time to share resources, skills and experience to improve quality and breadth of services and become financially sustainable for the long term.

We do not anticipate any interruption to our service delivery and you will continue to see and to use each Local Mind service as you do now.

If you have any questions please do let us know by either talking to us directly through [email protected] or by emailing [email protected] You can see some of our most frequently asked questions below 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Northamptonshire Mind cover the whole County?

A. No, we do not cover Kettering District, there is a separate Local Mind there who we work closely with

Q. I usually deal with my local service manager, is there a new point of contact now?

A. No, there are no changes to our local service delivery.

Q. My Local Mind is delivering a contract for me, is anything changing?

A. Nothing is changing straight away, we will contact you directly if any changes need to be discussed with you.

Q. Is my Local Mind closing now the merger has happened?

A. No, your Local Mind will start to work with others more closely and we hope this will provide even more services for the local community

Q. Do I need to go somewhere else for my support from now on?

A. No, you will continue with your current Local Mind

Q. Why did my Local Mind merge with others?

A. So that we can grow and be successful for a long time to come and support even more people who need us

Q. Will my Local Mind change its name?

A. No, its name and all the contact details will stay the same

Q. Will all the staff change?

A. Not because of the merger, the local teams will stay the same

Q. If I live in Kettering does this effect my Local Mind?

A. No, Kettering decided not to be a part of the merger

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