Our Vision & Strategy

By 2022, the population of Corby has improved its overall mental health as much as any other town in the UK and we have played our part in creating a ‘responsible system’ for mental health provision throughout Corby, and by providing our own services. Corby Mind is known for:

  • Being there and being responsive in someone’s moment of need and their ‘moment of decision’ to get help
  • Building a ‘responsible system’ with partners to provide a shared comprehensive mental health service for Corby
  • Being a healing community, contributing to healthy ways of relating and functioning within an organisation which is also mentally healthy
  • Providing high quality mental health services and support for those not qualifying for NHS interventions at any time
  • Providing a continuous, healthy environment of support to complement and build upon the NHS interventions & support that people receive
  • Working with other organisations to deliver excellent, seamless mental health services
  • Being known in the town as THE place to be for regular, ongoing mental health support and services when it’s needed – a shelter from the emotional winds and rain
  • Waiting lists for assessment are short (a week or less)
  • Waiting lists for counselling are short (a week after assessment or less)
  • Companies and organisations come to us for mental health enhancement and recovery for their people, on-site and off-site
  • The Corby Mind building is fully utilised to bursting, and we are looking wider for additional facilities.