FAQ’S – in answer to your queries

Are you the same as National Mind?
No, but we are affiliated to them.  

Can I bring a translator to counselling, Peer Group or any other support groups?
No, all counselling is on a one-to-one basis.  The Peer Group is also confidential.

Can I bring my children to counselling, Peer Group or any other support groups?
Bringing children to counselling is not ideal, however Corby Mind does understand the difficulties of finding childcare and can, on occasion, can make an exception on a case by case basis. Children are not permitted at Peer Group or any other support groups.

Do I have to live in Corby to access help?
Corby Mind will never turn anyone away, although we primarily provide services for Corby and the surrounding villages. We may refer you to a closer Mind if it is appropriate.

Do I need to be referred?
Not necessarily, you can either self-refer or be referred from a professional such as a GP, Mental Well-being Navigator etc

Do you provide relationship counselling or family therapy?
No, all counselling is on a one-to-one basis.

How can I make an appointment?
You can self-refer by either dropping in to Corby Mind to complete an application form or by downloading one below and returning it to Corby Mind by either post, email or in person.

How long are counselling sessions?
Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and are held in the same place at the same time weekly .

I am having trouble downloading something from your website
Please contact us on the telephone or via email to request a copy.

I want to speak to someone about my mental health issues
If you feel you need to speak to someone urgently, please see our ‘Help in crisis’ section.

Is there parking at Corby Mind?
There is limited parking available, however there is plenty of parking on nearby streets.  There is also a big car park in the town centre opposite to Mind.

Is your service confidential?
Yes, Corby Mind operates a strict confidentiality policy; this can be found under the reports and policies section of this website. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

What are the costs?
Corby Mind asks that you make a contribution towards the counselling costs. If you are unwaged this is £5, if you are waged this is £10. The majority of the Peer Group activities and other groups are free. On the occasion that a cost is involved it will be clearly signposted.